How to Get Past the Messy Middle


It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog.  For many reasons . . . Time constraints. Sickness. More time constraints.

The longer I was away from the writing, the easier it was not to write. The easier it was to lose my vision (or rather my belief in that vision).  In simple terms, I got STUCK.

I am now in the middle of writing my book’s sequel and for a solid week, I just stared at the computer screen trying to figure out what to write next. Nothing came. Each night, more nothing.

I had hopes of writing a blog posting about my 30-Day Plank Challenge. Obviously, I wanted to accomplish it first before writing about it. I was on day 19 and had gotten up to multiple plank reps of 1:15 seconds each, and then I got sick (allergies turned cold turned sinus infection). I could barely do 30 seconds without a coughing fit.

As for my projects around the house, let’s just say I acquiesced to the filth that, in my head, was closing in on me.  I told/asked myself, “What kind of fraud are you? Who are you to have a blog site about ‘mastering your life with positivity, planning, and productivity’ when you cannot even do it yourself’.”

You get the picture. I got stuck in — what I call — the Messy Middle

I’ve met and battled this Messy Middle in all the projects that I’ve decided to take on–it’s a tough opponent.  And with any goal, it is there ready for battle. The Messy Middle reminds you of all the reasons your dreams can not be achieved. It partners up with Overwhelm and can paralyze you with its venom.

The Messy Middle is inherent in any goal.  It sits between the excitement of starting a new goal and the final steps of achievement. It is the hard part; it requires tenacity, holding tightly to your vision, consistency, perseverance, and ignoring the doubters around you (including your negative inner voices). It requires WORK. It is HARD.

But it is possible.

I’ve had to come to terms with my Messy Middle, and if you too are stuck with your goals, then you may need to come to terms with your own Messy Middle. To do so, you need to be HONEST WITH YOURSELF.  What is causing this fear? What is holding you back?

Once you acknowledge these fears, forgive yourself for having them because IT IS NORMAL. IT IS OKAY. Nobody —  absolutely no one — is perfect, so stop thinking you need to be.

I am not perfect, this blog is not perfect, my writing is not perfect. But that is okay. I’d rather do something badly and fail than not do anything at all. 

I feel so much better just having written that! It is this honesty that has allowed me to finally move forward.  If you, too, are stuck I challenge you to face your fear.  Face it, acknowledge it, and then . . .

Ha, ha . . .click on this video.  This humorous video (which I’ve posted a few times before) is my go-to cure for getting unstuck. While it is a comedy skit, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS feel better after watching.  It SNAPS me out of my fear. Seriously watch it!

Remember, the MESSY MIDDLE lives and breaths within every goal.  If it didn’t exist then the VICTORY wouldn’t be as sweet.

If you feel yourself giving into those negative voices and feeling stuck, STOP IT!!


3 Comments on “How to Get Past the Messy Middle

  1. This is a great read, So happy that you got yourself out of the messy middle. I sometimes feel that way as well. Sometimes for me its the holidays or things like that kick me off of my focus and its so hard to get back at it.


  2. I suddenly feel very motivated! I get stuck often, almost like I get too tired… I also have two toddlers so it is hard to stay focused 🙂

  3. Loved this. I think we all have our messy middle in every situation for sure and it’s imperative to face the fear and keep it moving. #Dueces!

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