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Summer Stalling

summer sun

I have been a little MIA as of late due to the craziness of our summer — believe me, it is weighing on me. It is lacrosse tournament season, which means I have not had a weekend (or any time basically) to myself.  I am writing to ask for your patience as I get through the next month.

To help with the lull, I decided to update some of my original blogs, such as 8 Ways to Drink More Water.  This weekend’s HEAT (think 12 hours in 90 degree weather) inspired the update. I can honestly say that I notice when I have (and have not) been drinking enough water.  Staying hydrated definitely helps me sleep, eat, and feel better.  And the best way to stay hydrated (my #1 way to drink more water is). . .click here (like I stated, I just updated the posting and would love for you to read).

Don’t worry though, I will also have some FRESH content as well. I just need TIME to DO the things that I want to write about.  I will get there though. . .I promise!



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