YOU Have the Power

Did you know that YOU have the Power?

Believing in Yourself Is Subjective

pexels-photo-414029.jpegYou have the power to create the reality that you want for yourself. This is something that I’m starting (finally) to realize for myself. I am about to turn 50 years old and I am just now wising up. It’s something that happens when you turn 50 or about to turn 50. It is called: “I don’t have time for that” as the young folks say, and I am finally just realizing that I really don’t!

There is sense of urgency that kicks in the year that you are turning 50. It’s as if you understand that all the BS – the excuses that you allowed yourself – are futile and the BS is now inconsequential.

Now is Your Time to Shine!
There is also a certain freedom that comes with the realization that what you are IS enough!   All those struggles and trials that you experienced in your 20s and 30s only contribute to the greatness that you are today. Those times not only taught you valuable lessons, but also created lasting memories.

Kindness is Your Friend
I also believe that your heart does shine through. I am one that struggles with self-confidence. The older I get, the more I wish I appreciated my youth. I look at old photos and think, “wow, I looked great.” How come I didn’t see the greatness of me then, at that time, in my youth?! Now I am left to appreciate me NOW with wrinkles, a lacking metabolism, and grey hair. I so want to smack the youngsters complaining about their looks and say, “APPRECIATE what you are.”

But with age, comes wisdom . . . eventually. Sort of.
With age, I realize that a bright smile does miraculous things for your looks and that others are attracted to your energy, compassion, and joy. Those are the things that inspire and bring about youth. Youth IS subjective.

And Kindness? Well that DOES go along way. I have come to realize that everyone is looking to be understood and loved. With age, comes a more open heart. An open heart that is more receiving and accepting, at least that is what my older age entails. Give joy, inspire, and be a light for the younger generation. Maybe that is what getting older is all about. I would like to think it is.

For me . . . It IS my time to shine!

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  1. Love this…. I can I so relate, especially the part about looking at old pictures & remembering how I used to complain about myself & have so much self-doubt.

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