How to Write a Powerful Positive Affirmation

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What You THINK about you BRING about.

Words are powerful. They can hurt. They can heal. This posting is about making our words work for us rather than against us. How many times have you told yourself: “I’m fat” or “I look awful” or even “What was I thinking”?

Let me ask you: WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO SOMEONE ELSE?   Probably not.

So, why would you say that to yourself?!

This blog post is about building ourselves up with Positive Affirmations. Positive Affirmations are conclusive statements written in the PRESENT TENSE. They do not contain words – which seem positive –  such as “I hope to” or “I want to”.  That is too wishful.  Positive affirmations are absolutes. They contain statements such as:

“I AM”

Your positive affirmation should be a statement of what IS happening or what WILL happen, even if it hasn’t happened yet.  Seriously!  Even if it hasn’t happened yet because that is the purpose. Positive affirmations when read and stated out loud send instructions to your brain. What you say to yourself REGISTERS in your brain.  What you say about yourself creates your perception AND your reality. As you work on achieving your goals, use positive affirmations to reinforce the end results that you expect to achieve.

Positive affirmations are about seeing the end/your goal/final outcome.

One common mistake made when writing positive affirmation is the use of negative words. In other words, negative words couched around positive words. For example, do not say something like:  I AM NOT FAT.   Not and Fat are both negatives.  And. . .Umm, that word “fat” — that is what your brain is hearing.  Fat. Fat. Fat.  INSTEAD, change it to: “Skinny” or “Tone” or both.

I am skinny and tone. I look good!

Yep, that’s what you need to be telling yourself.

Make time in your day to read your positive affirmations, especially when working on your individual goals.  It is this affirmation that will help keep you focused.  As funny as that Saturday Night Live skit with Stuart Smalley is (it is one of my favorites!), there is truth. These repeated messages will reinforce what needs to happen in your life.


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