How to Tap Into Your Creativity

I often say that it is a shame that we have to grow up. Children live and breathe creativity. They play, explore, and are curious about the world. Unfortunately, as we get older life gets hectic and we eventually lose our sense of imagination and innovation. Use these tips to tap into your creativity—trust your crazy ideas and explore them.


Take a hike through the woods.

Nature has a calming effect that can lower the blood pressure and promote a sense of peace.

Grab crayons or colored pencils and have at it.

Draw and doodle away using adult coloring books such as Adult Coloring Book: Mandalas to awaken your inner child.

Listen to the sound of crashing waves or rain pitter-pattering on the roof.

I am a huge proponent of the Rain-Rain app which provides various relaxing white-noises. Crashing Waves is my favorite. Whenever I need total peace and want to hear the sound of the ocean–since I do not have my dream ocean-front property yet–I listen to this app. It helps calm me and facilitates my writing.

Meditate or, at the very least, take the time to be still.

Listen to your inner voice and follow your heart. You know best what will ignite your creativity; sometimes you just need to slow down enough to listen.

Reflect on your childhood.

What was it that you liked to do or play? Did you pretend to be a detective, put on plays, or perform scientific experiments? As children, we naturally gravitate to the activities that hone our special gifts. Pursue those activities again and see if they still provide pleasure and enjoyment.

Keep a journal.

There are no rules for journaling. Just write. Anything and everything that comes to you–your thoughts, ideas, memories, dreams.

Work at being creative every day.

Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised. The more you do, the easier it becomes.

Spend time on Pinterest.

Check out the pins and see what topics interest you. Pinterest is a smorgasbord of creative ideas.

Read a fiction book.

Reading fiction often inspires my own writing.  I want to soak up and learn from these writers—evaluate their writing tone, voice, and style.

Read non-fiction books.

Autobiographies are excellent sources of inspiration. Hearing successful people share how they accomplished their dreams can encourage you to go after your own dreams.  Non-fiction books can also be instructional and can teach you how to accomplish your own goals.

Grab legos, lincoln logs, or blocks and build, build, build.

Sit on the floor with a pile of blocks and create with abandon. This type of playing teaches you how to visualize and follow-through on that vision. It is creativity and goal-achievement at its finest.

Lastly, GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to be creative, let-loose, be open, and PLAY!


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