Taking Time to BREATH

walk2I have adapted an old post to fit with the Thanksgiving holiday. Years ago, I sat down and wrote free-form (purposely not worrying about grammar or style or even subject matter)–just good old fashioned stream of consciousness.  The following is what came out (it was if someone was writing for me).

As I read it now, I wanted to share it again. . .it seems fitting at this time of GRATITUDE and THANKS.

Stop and listen. There is so much to be learned through our observations, meditations, and trusting of our instincts. In the rush, rush of the daily grind, we pass by opportunities. Sometimes they are there in plain sight, but we do not see them because we are moving too fast. Or, we dismiss them because they seem too obvious or simplistic.
As you venture out tomorrow, take the time to experience the day for what it is–grand, marvelous, depending on the glasses you choose to use. Slow down and enjoy. Breath in and inhale the briskness of fall. Fill your lungs with optimism, peace, and a moment of surrender. You might be surprised at what comes to you.

This post is short and sweet. Just enough to thank you for reading and wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

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