This week’s habit comes in the form of one word—prioritize.

As much as we think we can, as much as we desire it. . .

We cannot do everything at once.

In order for us to be really focused, intentional, and effective, we must prioritize our focus.

Right now, ask yourself, what is REALLY important to you right now? What do you want to accomplish?

If you had to name your top 3 priorities, what would they be?

With that said, I have decided to change things up on the Bright Light Living blog.  Each week’s Healthy Habits for Bright Light Living will be a “re-run”.  I will re-post the habits 1 – 34 for several reasons:

One, because they are the foundation of future habits.  In order to be successful at these healthy habits, we need to have the previous habits as already a part of our REGULAR practice. Let’s take this time to go back and firmly and diligently implement the habits.

And reason two . . . I need to prioritize my own writing goals. I have several deadlines that need to be met. Those deadlines are MY priorities. I will continue posting on the site, but under the heading, “The Diary of a Writer“. Rather than worrying about creating graphics, adding SEO, meta tags, etc. (all the stuff that you SHOULD be doing with a blog), I’d rather JUST WRITE. . . that is my priority. And sometimes, you have to look at what you are DOING and ask yourself if that is where you want to spend your time?

So, how about it? What are you focusing on? What are your priorities? Do you have a plan (a reach-for-the-stars but yet, realistic plan) to make it happen?

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