A FOCUS on Love

(Part 1 in the Focus Series)

Over the next several postings, I will share about FOCUS. It’s a concept that has a multitude of meanings and ways of looking at it (hence, the upcoming series around this topic). Each posting is intended to BUILD upon the other.

The subject of FOCUS is something that has been brewing inside my brain and heart for a while . . . until finally . . . I felt compelled to share. Bear with me, humor me if you will, as I examine the concept of focus and its impact on our lives.

I realize that I haven’t been writing on this blog lately. Chalk it up to a combination of lack of time (that’s the top reason) and my fear of being a hypocrite—it felt hypocritical to be writing when I was in the middle of swatting away life’s curveballs (the last two years have been filled with them for everyone). You see, I am an empath.  I will write about this later, but to put it mildly, empaths soak up moods, anxiety, and the situations of everyone around them. And well, with the world as it is, I have been empathing hard. 

But being an empath led me here . . . talking about FOCUS . . . with the need to (hopefully) resonate with others who may need this message.

I will begin by asking a question (and I’ll ask it with each posting)—where is your focus?

This particular “focus” posting will focus (pun intended) on something simple. On something that seems most needed and pressing . . .


“Love is a verb.”
A person I know uses that saying a lot. And it is true.

Love is universal and transcends all.

All politics.
All religions.
All values and belief systems.

It is the one common ground that unites us.
We all need it, desire it, and can heal from it.

When we are focused on love; we are no longer focused on hate. . . or on anxiety and fear.

Right now, the world (everyone) is being challenged and it seems as soon as we pick ourselves up from one setback, another one appears, which is another reason I haven’t been writing. I became superstitious–it felt as if something “bad” happened after each of my postings, testing my need to see the good in things. This week was definitely no exception. . . and I thought about not posting.

But then, I realized I would be giving in to fear and allowing it to dictate my actions. And fear cannot be my focus.  I—WE–cannot obsess, dwell, or focus on the negative. We can be careful and take care of ourselves the best way that we can. But fear, NO, it cannot be given credence.

That’s where the epiphany of LOVE came in.

We are all being tested—of our will, resolve, tenacity, and faith.

More than ever, we should look out for each other. Be that shoulder for others to lean on.

I wrote about GRACE as part of an earlier posting and the need to put ourselves in others’ shoes. This grace and acceptance of others (warts and all) are needed. Love is needed. We are all doing the best that we can in this environment–we need to remind ourselves of this when we find ourselves getting frustrated and angry with others and ourselves.

So, here is where I need you to humor me:

WHAT IF we spent the day, week, and near future, focused on being love, giving love, exuding love?

Give it a try. Redirect your focus.

After all . . . “Love is bigger than anything in its way.” – U2

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