The creative process is a powerful thing. Since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated with how things come to be—ideas, words, artwork, music, inventions.

What inspires creativity? Does everyone have the capacity to be creative? How do people naturally gravitate towards their innate gifts?

This site will explore the magic of the creative process. It will include interviews with artists, thought-provoking articles, and postings of my own observations. As a writer working on my second fiction novel, I wanted this site to chronicle my writing process.

I also wanted it to inspire others to pursue their own creative gifts. I do believe everyone has the ability to be creative. After all, creativity can reveal itself in all types of ways.

Think you are not the creative type?
Ask yourself: how do you handle problems at work or come up with solutions?

In a nutshell, creativity is about exploring possibilities.

Creativity is just another way of looking at problems or situations. Contrary to popular belief, engineers, architects, and mathematicians all channel their right brain, creative side (as well as their logical left brain) to come up with solutions.

Tapping into your own creativity gives you the power to become more productive and efficient.

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