I believe that EVERYONE has the capacity to be creative.  It’s the FORM of this creativity that is often for debate. Artwork, literature, music—these are the results of creative pursuits. But what about other creative works? 

The invention of the light bulb?  Putting a rocket into space? A microwave oven?

You wouldn’t consider these to be works of art, but they are the result of creative thinking.

Contrary to popular belief, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers (who are often considered “left-brain thinkers”) all utilize creative thinking. Like their right-brain counterparts, they too conceptualize and design.  They too explore the notion of what ifs and possibilities.  They too implement their ideas, shaping them into a final product. 

It is this final product that may not be considered art. But the PROCESS of solving problems and coming up with solutions . . . that is creativity.

Creativity comes in all forms of shapes and sizes. 

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