Writing in the Zone

Do you remember when stereograms (like the one above) were really popular?  Stereograms are photos containing hidden 3D images that reveal themselves when the viewer focuses his/her eyes in a certain way.  I remember going to the mall and seeing photos of stereograms like the one above for sale.

I would stare and stare and try to have the hidden, 3D image come forward. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but once I did, the easier it became. I figured out the technique.

I would have to relax my eyes and almost get into a trance-like state.  Anytime that I tried to force the image to appear, the less likely I was able to see it.  It was a matter truly letting go and relaxing.

Look at the image below and try it for yourself. Do not strain. Do not try to force the image. Relax!


Why am I writing about stereograms? Because it is the best analogy that I can use to describe my writing process. For me, I have to just get into the zone by relaxing my eyes and thought-process. The more I try to force my writing, the less successful I am to have words come.

This relaxation is extremely difficult to do when I am caught up in the hectic schedule of my life.  I am literally a sponge and take in so much from my environment such as frantic and nervous energy. My brain can feel like it’s in overload and if I don’t give myself a chance to decompress, I feel as if I am in a constant nervous state of chaos. And well, you can bet that writing is the last thing that I am able to do.

I write this to emphasize the need to STEP AWAY and FIND TIME TO RELAX with deep breaths that release the stressors of the day.   This is not an easy thing to do when you find time is limited. I am a victim of this. With work, my long commute, the boys’ crazy sports schedules, we are always on the go.

I am having to ask myself: “What can I do differently? How can I fit in this much-needed relaxation?”  Click here to read more on this.

If you are looking to tap into your creativity–whether that is writing, painting, designing, or building something–find time to relax.  Truly LET GO and surrender yourself to what you are trying to create.

Sports players often say that they are “in the zone,” which is another way of describing this creative process.  Create while being in the zone. Let go and allow the momentum to flow.  And it WILL!

Where you able to see the airplane in the stereogram above?  Were you able to relax and not strain your eyes? If so, then practice this technique with your own creative project.

Relax and see your CREATION EMERGE.

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