Have a ‘Why Not Me?!’ Attitude

There is a common occurrence that often happens when we set goals.  We limit ourselves and set a cap on what we think is possible . . . for ourselves. I mean, it is okay for other people to obtain these goals. Right? How many times have we told ourselves, "those types of goals are … Continue reading Have a ‘Why Not Me?!’ Attitude

Hold Yourself Accountable

There is something to be said about working for someone vs. working for yourself. The difference is that in working for someone else, you are accountable to someone else.  Which means that you, in this scenario, may find yourself working harder, being more focused, and intentional with your goals. Why is this? It is because … Continue reading Hold Yourself Accountable

The Half-Way Point of BLL Healthy Habits

Every week for the past twenty-six weeks (actually a little more with the "check-ins"), I have posted a new "healthy habit" for the mind, body, and spirit. The habits were intended to be small and manageable so that they could be slowly implemented into our lives. We are now at a half-way point. It's been … Continue reading The Half-Way Point of BLL Healthy Habits

Establish a Budget and Stick to It

This week’s Healthy Habit deals with having a healthy relationship with our finances—budgets are essential and serve as a visual snapshot to keep on track. By taking the time to analyze your regular expenses, you will be able to see if you are overspending, able to save, and are being fiscally responsible. I know that … Continue reading Establish a Budget and Stick to It

Three Essential Elements to Achieve Your Goals

Before you read this post, I would like for you to think about one of your PAST GOALS and how you ACHIEVED it. Now write it down. How did you feel when you (a) first set your goal and (b) when you achieved it? What would you consider to be the critical factors that allowed … Continue reading Three Essential Elements to Achieve Your Goals

Putting Things (Back) Where They Belong

This week's "Healthy Habit" is simple and should be pretty easy, but yet it is one that is not always practiced (at least not by my kids). With this quarantine, NOT practicing this habit becomes very evident. To give some examples: Putting your dishes in the dishwasher rather than the sink. This simple habit makes … Continue reading Putting Things (Back) Where They Belong

Healthy Habits Check-in

THIS WEEK is a check-in on all the past week's of Healthy Habits. It is always a good thing to reaffirm our goals when it comes to health and wellbeing. Take the time to review the habits listed below and assess how you are doing with each. Spend this week making a conscious effort to … Continue reading Healthy Habits Check-in

Baking Up Sweet Creativity

I had initially planned to post this (with the podcast) in March, but then the quarantine hit and it seemed, at first, not good timing. But even though the Living Bright podcast is in limbo, Abby's wonderful creations are too good not to share. Enjoy!! I spent an afternoon in February with 17-year-old Abby who, … Continue reading Baking Up Sweet Creativity

WHAT IF You Did It Anyway?

WHAT IF . . . What if you knew with absolute certainty . . . that everything is going to be okay; that you and your family will be safe; that you will survive financially, emotionally, physically the ramifications of the coronavirus? Would you then go about your day differently? This virus has slowed things … Continue reading WHAT IF You Did It Anyway?

Unplug from the Negative Noise

As I mentioned last week, I am modifying the habits that I had originally planned given the current circumstances. This week's habit is to UNPLUG FROM THE NEGATIVE NOISE and it's an extremely important one. What does that mean? It means to stop spending your time watching or reading the news, checking on the current … Continue reading Unplug from the Negative Noise

VISUALIZE the Life You Want

When I began the 52 Weeks of Healthy Habits for Bright Light Living, life was definitely different.  The habits were designed to be implemented slowly, week by week, in order to create sustainable habits.  Rather than radically trying to change all aspects of our lives, the habits were designed to be manageable.  The past month … Continue reading VISUALIZE the Life You Want