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My Bright Light Living A-ha Moment

Bright Light Living is about my a-ha moment. Sometimes you can hear or see something repeatedly, but it just doesn’t register – I mean truly register – until you are ready to receive its true, impactful meaning . . . I am a middle…

Tips for Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

Tips for fitting exercise into your busy schedule

How to Tap Into Your Creativity

I often say that it is a shame that we have to grow up. Children live and breathe creativity. They play, explore, and are curious about the world. Unfortunately, as we get older life gets hectic and we eventually lose our sense of imagination…

How to Write a Powerful Positive Affirmation

What You THINK about you BRING about. Words are powerful. They can hurt. They can heal. This posting is about making our words work for us rather than against us. How many times have you told yourself: “I’m fat” or “I look awful” or even…

The Closet Collection: Getting Organized

Get your closets and drawers organized with these tricks and tips. Pull everything out, figure out the best system, purge and use these sorting and folding tricks to maximize space and get the optimized organization.

Saving Money with Meal and Grocery Planning

“Do you feed your kids?”   I was at a family gathering a few weeks ago when my sister in-law asked me this. We were discussing grocery shopping and how much we spend each week.  My sister in-law gasped when I told her how…

One Hour — Seven Dinners

The Easy Guide to Making a Week’s Worth of Dinners in One Hour I am all about making things E A S Y (finding ways to eliminate the stress)—that is one of the goals of and for myself. I have not mastered this…

My Pantry Organizational Re-do

This is my BEFORE (oh my, what a mess!).           And this is my AFTER. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: It looks much more sparse, but the truth is everything has a place. I keep fresh fruits and vegetables…

10 Simple Things You Can Do to be More Productive

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Be More Productive. Making your bed as soon as you get up, meditating, etc. — there are things you can do to be productive.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Paper Clutter–Including Your Kids’ Schoolwork

10 Ways to Get Rid of Paper Clutter–Including Your Kids’ Schoolwork. Organization Tips to remove piles, clean, organize, and save.