Unplug from Negative Noise

Tips for Living Bright 5/31: UNPLUG FROM NEGATIVE NOISE 

Today, I’m going to do something that’s not going to come easy . . . your mission for today (should you choice to accept it) is to try this as well . . .
I’m purposely going to unplug from social media, the news, and all the jarring stimuli that can tempt me into comparing myself with others, stress me out, or cause sadness, anger, etc.

Instead, I am going to rely on silence
so that I can hear my heart, and
rely on my faith.

There is so much bombarding us these days and competing for our attention–horrific events, tragedies, celebrity drama, plastic versions of others’ lives. There’s good stuff too, but sometimes, even that can cause us to feel as if we are falling short.

Today, soak in the quiet.
It can laser focus us on our surroundings and the little things
that we often take for granted.
We can “smell the roses”.
We can calm ourselves and soothe our anxiety.

And through this serenity, we can hear the calling of our heart.
We can be reassured by our faith and recommitted to our path in life.

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