Have an Attitude of Gratitude

(Originally posted December 12, 2019) HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE Make a conscious effort to seek the good in all situations. Yesterday, my husband and son raked up the massive amount of leaves in our front yard (boo!), but in the process, they found my car registration that I had dropped and lost (yay).  Raking … Continue reading Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Reaching Out, Part 2

I am deviating somewhat from the "Healthy Habits for Bright Light Living" series.  Instead of a brief posting providing a new weekly habit, today's posting will be a bit longer and somewhat of a repeat of an old "Healthy Habit" -- Reach Out to Friends. I felt moved to expand on this because I think, … Continue reading Reaching Out, Part 2

Embrace Your Value

I am a writer. Writing is my passion and love – and it is what I do every day, in some shape or form, whether in my day job, in creating novels or my blog. But, I did not always consider myself “a writer”.  Instead, I considered myself to be someone who liked to write. … Continue reading Embrace Your Value

Take a Why Not NOW Attitude

You will start that diet after the holidays. You will start working out next week. You will tackle your closet clean up next weekend. Does any of this sound familiar? It does for me.  For those who have lofty intentions or have started working towards a goal but then "fell off the horse" there is … Continue reading Take a Why Not NOW Attitude

Surround Yourself With Those Who Have Your Back

One positive thing that I have gained from this pandemic is the ability to let go of things--worries about what others think of me, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and people that, when pressed, would not have my back.  I am not talking about my friends, who are all so amazing. What I am referring … Continue reading Surround Yourself With Those Who Have Your Back

Have a ‘Why Not Me?!’ Attitude

There is a common occurrence that often happens when we set goals.  We limit ourselves and set a cap on what we think is possible . . . for ourselves. I mean, it is okay for other people to obtain these goals. Right? How many times have we told ourselves, "those types of goals are … Continue reading Have a ‘Why Not Me?!’ Attitude

Hold Yourself Accountable

There is something to be said about working for someone vs. working for yourself. The difference is that in working for someone else, you are accountable to someone else.  Which means that you, in this scenario, may find yourself working harder, being more focused, and intentional with your goals. Why is this? It is because … Continue reading Hold Yourself Accountable

The Half-Way Point of BLL Healthy Habits

Every week for the past twenty-six weeks (actually a little more with the "check-ins"), I have posted a new "healthy habit" for the mind, body, and spirit. The habits were intended to be small and manageable so that they could be slowly implemented into our lives. We are now at a half-way point. It's been … Continue reading The Half-Way Point of BLL Healthy Habits

Put Yourself in Other’s Shoes

Now more than ever, it is important to approach the world and others with a lens of understanding.  While this blog is not intended to be political, it is important for me that the site is not tone-deaf either. The goal of 52 Weeks of Healthy Habits for Bright Light Living is for everyone to … Continue reading Put Yourself in Other’s Shoes

Do Not Worry What Others Think of You

If there is one achilles heel that has plagued me throughout my life it would be worrying about what others thought of me. This bad habit can be a burden. It holds you back and causes you to second-guess yourself. This quarantine, while awful, has provided me one thing--a certain amount of freedom in not … Continue reading Do Not Worry What Others Think of You

Three Essential Elements to Achieve Your Goals

Before you read this post, I would like for you to think about one of your PAST GOALS and how you ACHIEVED it. Now write it down. How did you feel when you (a) first set your goal and (b) when you achieved it? What would you consider to be the critical factors that allowed … Continue reading Three Essential Elements to Achieve Your Goals