Focus on Love

Tips for Living Bright 5/26: FOCUS ON LOVE

[Taken in part from earlier posting; adapted for today.]

With this week’s horrific event, along with other world events that make us feel as if hate is winning, it is easy to feel angry and out of control.
How do we stop these tragedies and what do we do with our anger?

That’s a tough one. But, in my opinion, we fight back. Not with anger but with action . . . and love.
We cannot give our power to the ugliness of hate. If so, hate wins. Instead, we need to focus on love.

“Love is a verb.”
A person I know uses that saying a lot. And it is true.

Love is universal and transcends all.

All politics.
All religions.
All values and belief systems.

It is the one common ground that unites us.
We all need it, desire it, and can heal from it.

When we are focused on love; we are no longer focused on hate. . . or on anxiety and fear.

We are all being tested—of our will, resolve, tenacity, and faith especially when we feel so powerless.

More than ever, we should look out for each other. Be that shoulder for others to lean on.

Don’t get me wrong–I am angry!
It is hard for me to wrap my arms around and understand such hate.
And while I do think there is ACTION needed, I won’t write about that here other than to say action wrapped in love and common ground is more effective.

What I will do is encourage everyone to arm themselves from hate–the type of hate that is all-consuming and only hurts us in the end.
Instead, focus on love . . . love for those who need it and love for the actions that can be taken to counter hatred (and mental illness).

But, hate? No, it has no place in our lives.

“Love is bigger than anything in its way.” - U2


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