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Writing’s Most Important Success Factor

It has been a while since I’ve worked on my blog. Life got hectic and I allowed excuses to dominate. Looking back, I realized it was actually fear that was dominating. After months of consistent writing and posting, I had put on the brakes. This was right around the time that I had announced to my… Continue reading Writing’s Most Important Success Factor

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The Art of Listening to YOU

Life does not come with a guide book.  It is filled with choices and the need to make decisions.  Should you take that new job offer? Is the person you’re dating really right for you?  Should you move into that new house? Don’t you wish someone could just TELL YOU EXACTLY what you were supposed… Continue reading The Art of Listening to YOU

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Stop It: How to Get Unstuck

It's been a while since I've updated this blog.  For many reasons . . . Time constraints. Sickness. More time constraints. The longer I was away from the writing, the easier it was not to write. The easier it was to lose my vision (or rather my belief in that vision).  In simple terms, I… Continue reading Stop It: How to Get Unstuck

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Trust the Process

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.        - Robert Collier I have big goals this year, and I have to admit: I am struggling with the process—the process of getting this blog off the ground, writing the sequel to my book, and getting fit. The process… Continue reading Trust the Process

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Getting Back to Fiction

April 19, 2017 I have learned from first-hand experience that writing is indeed a muscle. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Alternatively, when you get away from writing -- well -- it (like exercise) becomes quite difficult to pick back up. I wrote my first book, Marianna Mestre: Nothing’s As It Seems (Volume 1), and published it exactly… Continue reading Getting Back to Fiction

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Party Games and a Bag Full of Fun!

Looking for a low-key and easy-to-plan birthday party idea for your child? I certainly was this winter when my boys had their birthdays. Out of smart planning (cough, cough) I mean desperation (if I am being honest), I came up with the following party idea: Get a bag full of prizes, plan a bunch of… Continue reading Party Games and a Bag Full of Fun!

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Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion. . . Say what? How new-agey. What an esoteric and obscure phrase---finding your passion. You may have clicked this posting just to find out what the heck I mean by this? Do I mean, discovering your life purpose? Do I mean, figuring out what you want to do for a living? Maybe, I… Continue reading Finding Your Passion

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Trust Your Crazy Ideas

I had to drive my son to school yesterday--in my pajamas, without a driver's license or even a bra to my name. We tried catching the bus at other stops, but we missed the bus all together. I ended up having to drive him all the way to school. The reason? He was reading my… Continue reading Trust Your Crazy Ideas

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Movies and Scenes that Inspire

Looking for a good flick to watch---one that will move you to tears, inspire you, and make you feel uplifted?  Each of the following movie clips were selected for its pertinent message.  I hope that you will check out the movies (if you haven't already) or -- at the very least -- watch the clips below.… Continue reading Movies and Scenes that Inspire

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52 Weeks of Healthy Habits

Listed below are 52 Healthy Habits. The idea is to practice ONE Healthy Habit a week by building it into your daily routine. Then, you are to add another Healthy Habit the next week, and then another the next . . .

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How My Life Perspective Changed at a Gas Station

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I Have a Confession. My name is Kristin and I, among other things, am a WRITER.  I write because I love it; I write because it is my thing—what I’ve done since I was a child; and I write because it’s what I think I’m on this earth to do.… Continue reading How My Life Perspective Changed at a Gas Station

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Bright Light Living Was My A-ha Moment

Bright Light Living is about my a-ha moment. Sometimes you can hear or see something repeatedly, but it just doesn’t register – I mean truly register – until you are ready to receive its true, impactful meaning . . . I am a middle child who lived a middle-class type of life. My mother raised… Continue reading Bright Light Living Was My A-ha Moment