Here Comes the Sun

As I was driving to work this morning, the sun was intensely bright, so much that traffic was backed up from it.

I said to myself, “We haven’t had sun like this in the morning for a while—where the sun is so bright that you can feel its warmth and the prelude to spring. Rather than being upset at the traffic and the blinding rays in my eyes, I said a quick prayer of thanks. I thought of one of my happy songs . . .

And then, within a minute (I kid you not!), THAT SONG came on the radio. I take that as God’s way of telling me, “everything will be okay!”

So, for others in need of that SUN–of that brightness and reminder that spring is just around the corner . . .

I will let the song speak for itself as I wouldn’t be able to say it any better. 🙂

(Part of the A Dose of Optimism series)

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