A Frontside Perspective

Do we have any cross stitchers out there?

I am not one, nor have I ever cross stitched (it involves more tedious patience than I am equipped with). HOWEVER, I have watched others cross stitch and I know what happens when they do.

The backside is a mess. It is mangled with unorderly thread and is not pretty.

What is pretty, however, is the OTHER SIDE.

FLIP it over and . . . voilà . . . a beautiful masterpiece.

All with just one flip.

That’s how life is. Sometimes, we are so focused on the backside of things. Our view and perspective are clouded.

We may not see what is being worked on, what progress is being made, or what great things are in store.

But then . . . FLIP.

Just like that, things are so much better.


With just one flip, you realize that things are not always as bad as they seem.
With just one flip, your life can positively change in an instant.

Yes, things can flip around that quickly.

What are you focused on?

Trust in the flip and know that the backside is what’s necessary to produce the front.

(Part of the A Dose of Optimism series)

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