Living Closer to Free

I just got back from a Pilgrimage in Italy, and I’m in the process of writing about my experience. However, there is one observation I wanted to share now. . .

It is about our pilgrimage leader, Sister Joanne.

Sister Joanne is a positive and dynamic ball of energy who led our trip. At 75, she can walk up more steps, hills, and rattle off history better than anyone. She joked that she was nicknamed “the Machine” by those from other pilgrimages and now I know why.

Her warmth and vitality are infectious, as was evidenced by the locals who would enthusiastically greet her as if she was the Mayor.

She flitters, floats, and breezes.

People are affected simply by being around her.

But what really struck me was/is her freedom.

Whatever Sister Joanne does, she does it with confidence. There is no guilt or apology. She doesn’t seek approval; she is not encumbered by anything.

She just is.


Warm. Excited.

Not held back by opinion.

In the day of social media and the need to be accepted,
there is a continuous culture of comparison.

There is someone(s) who has more, is prettier, richer, more successful or popular. We give power to others by seeking their validation.
Rather than relying on our own self-acceptance.

Rather than being content and grateful, we are restless.
Comparison exists rather than freedom.

What if we could shut that all off? What if we could disregard any nagging desire to be accepted?

What if we could just be FREE. . .
To Be . . .

Ultimate freedom.

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