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Yesterday was Easter.

For some like me, it’s a day to remember God’s love for us. But even if you’re not religious, I hope that you still take stock in its overarching theme . . .

REbirth, REnewal, REjuvenation, REinvention.

For two days, after Jesus was crucified, things looked bleak. But then, on the third day, He rose again.

REbirth, REnewal, REjuvenation, REinvention.

Easter is a time to REjoice.

Easter is about forgiveness. . . forgiving others or even ourselves.

It’s about second chances. Putting aside what was and living with a REnewed commitment.

It’s about embracing life.

I was reminded by a church sermon that we shouldn’t let our circumstances bind us or hold us back because, if we let them, our hardships can literally shackle us, preventing us from moving forward. We become stuck. Living just to get by.

Existing, maybe, but not embracing–embracing the things that once gave us joy or healthy habits or relationships.

It’s very tempting to live for the as-soon-as moments, rather than live DESPITE  . . . the black cloud, the challenges, or the grief.

It’s very tempting to wait . . . until things get better or we feel better or we feel motivated. BUT, this non-movement will only paralyze us.

I bought a plant the other day—not bloomed, just the stems, purposely purchased in this state—and I told my family, “You see this plant, it looks like this now, but soon it will be filled with beautiful flowers.” And sure enough, two days later, a tiny bud peaked from its stem, and then another; today, it sits fully bloomed. Bright, yellow, cheerful, alive.

Why this message?

Because today is about second chances. All those great habits we put aside, let’s embrace them now.

It’s time to RE-examine our physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Not tomorrow, not next week, or not when circumstances are more ideal. NOW.

Are you with me?

When things seem sad or closed up (like the plant), remember that it is a temporary state.

And you know what happens when you start moving? Things start to happen. It’s like life realizes that you’re not messing around and it wants to answer your call. Energy begets energy, movement, positivity, and progress.

So dig deep and find your “enough is enough” mentality. Not tomorrow, or later. NOW!

You’ve got this!

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