My Morning with U2

Daily Tips for Living Bright: MUSIC

I spent the morning listening to U2. Besides being my favorite band, they are my default music for pumping me up when I feel far from pumped. I have to say, I always find meaning, inspiration, and therapy in their words.

May is Mental Health Month and so, I’ve decided to finish up the month of May posting DAILY TIPS FOR LIVING BRIGHT. Over the last couple of months, I’ve heard countless accounts of young men and women taking their own life. . . and this has been weighing heavily on me.

There seems to be a darkness and a weight that is overshadowing the GOOD, the LIGHT that IS in this world. For me lately, I wasn’t feeling qualified enough to offer any words of inspiration. I mean, I was feeling things myself if I’m being honest. BUT, I believe in listening to messages that God, the universe, and – in this case – U2 sends out.  At the beginning of this song (, Bono talks about “preaching what you need to hear.”

What I need to hear are ways of staying BRIGHT, ENCOURAGED, and POSITIVE . . . another reason why I’ve challenged myself to these daily posts in May.  Some of the posts will be recycled but updated; while others will be fresh. If they are riddled with typos, please disregard. It’s important to me that there is consistency rather than perfection.

So, for today . . . I am making you a brief U2 “mixed tape” — or for the younger generation — a “playlist.” They aren’t necessarily my favorite of U2 songs, but they seem relevant in today’s current climate.  Also, they are accompanied by the powerful music of the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Get out of your own way:
Love has to fight for its existence . . . fight back!

Lights of Home:
This song is almost a rebirth. The chorus at the end is what got to me: Free Yourself to Be Yourself. The happiest people are those who, without apology, are authentically and freely themselves; they listen and follow their hearts. And then “See Yourself” being there. With the end (your vision for your life) in sight.

There is a light:
No other words necessary.

Today’s Daily Tip:
Listen to music that speaks to you or automatically puts you in a good mood!


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