Bright Light Living provides simple tools, inspiration, and insight to help you master your life with positivity, belief, and balance.

It is about finding that light within all of us and letting it shine. It is about creativity, visions, and turning those visions into reality. We are typically our own worst enemy—we talk ourselves out of our dreams and tell ourselves that it is not possible.  BUT IT IS. The site contains tangible things that you CAN DO to organize your life, set and achieve goals, manage time, and create a well-rounded, balanced life—one that allows you to SHINE BRIGHT in all areas of your life—your career, family, health, relationships, finances, and spiritual well-being.

Ignite the light within you. Live BRIGHT.

Welmyphoto2come! I am Kristin O’Ferrall, a wife, mother of two boys, and a true creative at heart. By trade I am a writer: grant writer, author of Marianna Mestre: Nothing’s As It Seems (Volume 1), and freelance writer.  Why did I start this blog and what can YOU GAIN from it? Well . . .

My Big 5 – 0 (gulp) is lurking – not this year’s birthday, but the next – and I realized that I was tired of not achieving everything that I wanted for my life. I am done with excuses.  I had My Bright Light Living A-Moment and decided to take action—I mean REAL, roll-up-your-sleeves, who cares what other people think ACTION.

This is my year to ROCK IT! and I plan on doing just that. I also hope that you will join me on this journey.  This is YOUR year to ROCK IT too.   I invite and encourage you to subscribe to my blog so that you can receive helpful tips, practical resources, and inspirational insights to TOTALLY ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS in life.