Reassess Your Thoughts

Tips for Living Bright 5/29:  REASSESS YOUR THOUGHTS

“The heaviest burdens that we carry
are the thoughts in our head.”

I saw that quote yesterday and it struck me hard. Our thoughts carry so much weight.

They can help us be happy or they can convince us that we are sad.

They can fester and consume us.

They can distort reality.

They can deceive.

There are many times when I wished that a gigantic vacuum could just suck my thoughts away. And while this is not possible, it is possible to reprogram our thinking process.

When the negative thoughts try to take hold, ask yourself:

Do I have control over the thought–can I make changes to eliminate this?
If so, start making those changes.

Would talking to someone help?
If so, speak to a friend, an expert, or a family member. You are not alone. Even the most polished, happy seeming people are challenged with pesky, negative thoughts.

Are my thoughts accurate?
Many, many times, we convince ourselves of something (e.g., someone thinks badly of us, this person is upset with us) that is, in fact, NOT TRUE.

Are they productive?
If not, then try this technique . . .

It’s called CANCEL-CANCEL and it involves immediately replacing a negative thought with a positive one (even if you are having trouble believing the positive thought).

Negative thoughts can come hard and fast, and when they do, you are to say to yourself, “Cancel-Cancel”.
This method (as cheesy as it may sound) is similar to electric shock only without the pain.  It is designed to stop you cold when a negative thought emerges–to TRAIN yourself to control what consumes your thoughts. It takes practice — sometimes lots and lots of practice. But eventually, it will become easier.

Mind over matter is one of the toughest things to master.
Be kind to yourself.

Remember, we are ALL works in progress.

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