I was holding off including this habit until I became more proficient at it.  If am being honest, my meditation practice is sporadic.  It is something that I've wanted to be diligent about, but the franticness of life has been my excuse for not practicing meditation daily. Until now. . .one good silver lining of … Continue reading Meditate

Hold Tight to Your Faith

[Originally posted March 2020] For this week’s Healthy Habit, I considered at least three other “habits" to share—all changing with the evolving circumstances of COVID-19. Last week involved me trying to make my fundraising goals despite growing fears of the virus. I tried to balance the reality of the situation with my need to press … Continue reading Hold Tight to Your Faith

Do Not Compare Yourself with Others

One of the most surefire ways to feel bad about yourself is to compare yourself with someone else.  It is easy to do -- you see someone who seems to have it all going on. You see others with more money, career success, a bigger house and you think, "Ugh, lucky them."  You may even … Continue reading Do Not Compare Yourself with Others

Say Only Kind Words . . .to YOURSELF!

If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all. I remember seeing that phrase on a school bulletin board back in elementary school, and since then I've tried to abide by those words.  I made it a point (I've not always done this, but I try) to not bad-mouth people, to … Continue reading Say Only Kind Words . . .to YOURSELF!

Celebrate Your Small Victories

Celebrate your small victories.  This week’s Bright Light Healthy Habit sounds so simple – so obvious. But for me, it’s not. Not always. Not when there is more to be accomplished. If you are competitive like me (competitive with yourself, that is), you may find yourself impatient with the time and steps involved in completing … Continue reading Celebrate Your Small Victories

Form a ONE Minute Habit

A habit is best formed when it becomes a routine, so what better way to form a routine than to make it quick and manageable . . . like something that can be done in ONE MINUTE. I say this because one minute seems doable, right?  It's not overwhelming to think about; it doesn't involve … Continue reading Form a ONE Minute Habit

Increase Your Odds by Taking Risks

[First posted in February 2020] On Saturday, my son made two three-point shots back to back at his basketball game. I was so proud of him—not necessarily because he made the shots, but because he TOOK them. Taking those far away shots is out of character for him. He loves basketball—likes to play it any … Continue reading Increase Your Odds by Taking Risks

Getting Back on the Horse

Getting Back on the Horse

With the pandemic and everything else this crazy year has brought us, staying FOCUSED on our goals – and not giving into fear, paralysis, procrastination, depression – may be challenging. It’s so much easier to be motivated, determined, and committed when life is going swimmingly. . . or even predictably. And 2020? Well, it’s been … Continue reading Getting Back on the Horse

Track a Healthy Diet

This week’s Healthy Habit will focus on diet. While I will not tell you what you should eat, I will recommend that you make a conscious effort to eat healthy. I admit that I have struggled with this; I start out great—eating well, tracking my calories and intake, and then – boom – I give … Continue reading Track a Healthy Diet

Hold the Door for Others and Smile

I realized that this re-posting had to be modified given the current situation of social distancing and wearing masks. Even if it is hard to see one's smile through a mask, say HELLO, be pleasant, wish others a nice day.  Now more than ever, that extra personal touch is needed!  . . . You may … Continue reading Hold the Door for Others and Smile

Make Exercise a Regular Practice

Make Exercise a Regular Practice This week’s Healthy Habit involves the ugly big E-word. . .exercise. It is so easy to avoid. It is often dreaded and feared. It can be downright intimidating and hard to start doing. . .or sticking with. But, it is critical for so many reasons: - Your overall health (it … Continue reading Make Exercise a Regular Practice