Give Hugs

Tips for Living Bright 5/27: GIVE HUGS

I wrote a post for today, but have decided to save it for another day. In light of this week’s events, it just seemed tone-deaf.

Instead, I want to write about the importance of hugs.


Last night something happened that was upsetting.
My youngest, who’s not the most effusive when discussing his feelings, recognized the need for a hug.

Unprompted, he gave me the tightest and longest hug.
It was medicine.
It was needed.
It HELPED. Immensely.

I asked if it was because he needed it, and he sweetly said, “No, I thought you could use it.”

My mother says that hugs should last more than 30 seconds to fully feel its effects.
According to a medical group (it was on google, so it has to be correct, right?) — frequent hugging CAN . . .

Lower blood pressure
Reduce heart disease and strokes
Improve moods
Reduce pain.

So find a loved one and HUG them, tightly, and for at least 30-seconds.
That is your mission for today.

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