Healthy Habits Check-in

THIS WEEK is a check-in on all the past week's of Healthy Habits. It is always a good thing to reaffirm our goals when it comes to health and wellbeing. Take the time to review the habits listed below and assess how you are doing with each. Spend this week making a conscious effort to … Continue reading Healthy Habits Check-in

Baking Up Sweet Creativity

I had initially planned to post this (with the podcast) in March, but then the quarantine hit and it seemed, at first, not good timing. But even though the Living Bright podcast is in limbo, Abby's wonderful creations are too good not to share. Enjoy!! I spent an afternoon in February with 17-year-old Abby who, … Continue reading Baking Up Sweet Creativity

Do Not Eat After 8 P.M.

This week's habit is short and simple--do not eat after 8 p.m. There is light at the end of this tunnel and there will be a day that we will need to go back to wearing (AND FITTING INTO) our normal clothes rather than just PJs or our comfortable athletic wear. Over the past few … Continue reading Do Not Eat After 8 P.M.

WHAT IF You Did It Anyway?

WHAT IF . . . What if you knew with absolute certainty . . . that everything is going to be okay; that you and your family will be safe; that you will survive financially, emotionally, physically the ramifications of the coronavirus? Would you then go about your day differently? This virus has slowed things … Continue reading WHAT IF You Did It Anyway?

Unplug from the Negative Noise

As I mentioned last week, I am modifying the habits that I had originally planned given the current circumstances. This week's habit is to UNPLUG FROM THE NEGATIVE NOISE and it's an extremely important one. What does that mean? It means to stop spending your time watching or reading the news, checking on the current … Continue reading Unplug from the Negative Noise

VISUALIZE the Life You Want

When I began the 52 Weeks of Healthy Habits for Bright Light Living, life was definitely different.  The habits were designed to be implemented slowly, week by week, in order to create sustainable habits.  Rather than radically trying to change all aspects of our lives, the habits were designed to be manageable.  The past month … Continue reading VISUALIZE the Life You Want

Establish a Morning Routine

With the days blending together, it is hard to get into the habit of establishing routines. What is the point you may be saying?  NOW, MORE THAN EVER, it is important that we implement some normalcy into our day, starting with a morning routine that will kickstart our day into gear. Your morning routine could … Continue reading Establish a Morning Routine

How Creativity Can Lift Spirits in Trying Times

If there is one thing good that has come out of the coronavirus and the need to social isolate is all the examples of how the community has come together in creative ways to promote good, lift spirits, and help those in need.  This post is a collection of SOME GOOD NEWS starting with a … Continue reading How Creativity Can Lift Spirits in Trying Times

Reach Out to Friends

I say this only in jest and to illustrate a point, but . . . sometimes it feels as if this social isolation is nothing more than one large psychology experiment to see how we, humans, do without daily interaction. And I can tell you, without a doubt, social interaction is important. I spent the … Continue reading Reach Out to Friends


I was holding off including this habit until I became more proficient at it.  If am being honest, my meditation practice is sporadic.  It is something that I've wanted to be diligent about, but the franticness of life has been my excuse for not practicing meditation daily. Until now. . .one good silver lining of … Continue reading Meditate

Emerging from the Grief Stages of the Coronavirus Pandemic

What a time that we are living in? It is unprecedented. It is scary. It is black hole of unknown. Our daily lives have been uprooted and filled with massive cancellations. We are frightened of the virus and its ramifications. What will happen? What lies ahead? I have acknowledged the virus – yes, it is … Continue reading Emerging from the Grief Stages of the Coronavirus Pandemic