Do Not Compare Yourself with Others



One of the most surefire ways to feel bad about yourself is to compare yourself with someone else.  It is easy to do — you see someone who seems to have it all going on. You see others with more money, career success, a bigger house and you think, “Ugh, lucky them.”  You may even compare your looks or your love life with someone else, which will only set you up for feeling awful about yourself.

The truth is “the grass is not always greener”; you do not know what others are going through. We see limited and skewed perspectives of people’s lives on social media and compare that with the behind-the-scenes realities of our own life.

This week’s habit should follow up the HABIT OF BEING GRATEFUL and one way to REMAIN grateful is to eliminate any type of comparison of your life with someone else’s.

Practice IMMEDIATELY TURNING OFF the switch that may ignite the dangerous path of comparison.  FOCUS on your blessings and stay grateful.


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