The Half-Way Point of BLL Healthy Habits

Every week for the past twenty-six weeks (actually a little more with the “check-ins”), I have posted a new “healthy habit” for the mind, body, and spirit. The habits were intended to be small and manageable so that they could be slowly implemented into our lives.

We are now at a half-way point. It’s been 6 months since I’ve started this series, and in looking back, I realize that several things may have happened: the MESSY MIDDLE may have presented itself; there may have been times when we’ve fallen off the wagon; and other priorities may have gotten in the way.

For me, life is revving up again to pre-pandemic mode (hopefully not fully to that speed; I honestly liked the slower pace) and managing time expectations is important.  So, what does that mean?

It means recommitting to the life that we want for ourselves and valuing the importance of sticking to our goals. 

Enough is enough. No more time for excuses.

Take time this week to plan out your goals, write them out, and take action without excuses or doubt getting in the way.

As a refresher, here is a list of the previous “Healthy Habits” — take time to evaluate where you stand with each and what it will take to make them a daily practice. Have a great week — Here’s to moving forward and letting go of excuses!


(Click link to read more on each habit)


(Click link to read more on each habit)


(Click link to read more on each habit)

[Every Monday, a new ‘habit’ will be posted as part of my Bright Light Living Healthy Habits series. These ‘Healthy Habits’ encompass habits for the mind, body, spirit, and one’s perspective of life—in order to LIVE BRIGHT.  You may wish to implement the habits each week (if so, I encourage you to download the Healthy Habits Assessment form). Or, the week’s habit can simply serve as a journal prompt or something to ponder.  It’s up to you. I do hope you will check in each week.]


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