Visualize the Life You Want

Tips for Living Bright 05/20: VISUALIZE THE LIFE YOU WANT

Take time to VISUALIZE what you want out of life.  What does that mean?  It means mentally creating the IMAGE that you want for yourself.  It means SEEING how you want your life to be. Are there things you want to change? See the change. In order for you to PHYSICALLY have that life, you must VISUALLY see that life for yourself.

Now more than ever, this exercise is important. Because now more than ever, panic, self-doubt, and depression can easily creep into our psyche . . . and we can’t–WE WON’T–allow that to happen.

Spend some quiet time meditating, reflecting, and just being still. What thoughts, ideas, and “voices” are are you seeing and hearing? This quiet can give you clarity.

Now take it a step further. After this quiet reflection, spend a few minutes visualizing yourself achieving them.  See yourself in action, getting it done, making it happen. This is what will fuel your belief system in order to make it happen.  I say to do this after meditation because that is when those pesky voices of doubt are less likely to infiltrate; it’s when you will be at your calmest.

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