Be True to You

Tips for Living Bright 05/19: BE TRUE TO YOU

To Thine Own Self Be True. . .

I wrote about those words a few weeks back after waking up to that phrase plastered on my mind. And since that morning, I’ve realized how much I was NOT being true to myself.

I was allowing my need to please others influence how I was spending my time and what I wanted out my life.
As a result, I was harboring resentment, anger, and it was getting me down because the things I loved, like my writing, were getting pushed to the backburner.
Writing this blog, for example, seemed pointless.  When in hindsight, writing this blog has helped keep me on track.

I challenged myself during the rest of May to post daily in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. What I found was that my postings were what I need to hear. They’ve given each of my mornings an intention for the day and has helped me get back to my true self.

So with my blinders on, not worrying about what others think, I am being true to me.

It’s been really freeing!

How about you? Are you being true to yourself?  

I started this blog years ago when I had my Bright Light Aha Moment. Essentially, it’s about living bright!

So with that, I ask again–are you being true to yourself and living bright?!

It truly is the best way to be.

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