Finding Grace

Tips for Living Bright 05/18: FINDING GRACE

We are all going a million miles an hour, working hard, being pulled in so many directions, doing the best that we can.

As a result, it is easy to became frustrated, stressed, angry, sensitive, emotional. . .

Yesterday, I was an outside witness to the above unfolding where several parties became frustrated, stressed  . . . emotional.

And as an outsider, it was obvious that neither side was intentionally trying to hurt or discount the other. Instead, it was the result of stress, being overworked, and under a lot of pressure.

As an outsider, I could see what was happening. But when you are IN IT, things seem so much different.

It was a reminder that we need to have GRACE with others and ourselves. We need to remember that we ARE doing the best that we can. When we look at things through a lens of grace, the view is much different.

As hard as it may be, especially when we are “in it,” try to step back, take a deep breath, put yourself in the other person’s shoes, and see them as someone who is simply doing the best that they can under trying situations/times. Remember yesterday’s posting — offer that person grace, forgiveness, a much-needed hug or reassurance. The outcome can shift immediately with grace.

And, with that, I have to go . . .being pulled in another direction. Ugh, yes, I’m looking for grace.  🙂

What once was hurt
What once was friction
What left a mark
No longer stings
Because Grace makes beauty
Out of ugly things

Grace finds beauty in everything
Grace finds goodness in everything

- U2

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