Do Something Nice for Someone Else

Tips for Living Bright 05/17: DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE ELSE 

The other day I was speaking to someone who was feeling anxious and sad. This person had previously admitted that someone else they knew was also struggling a bit. I asked this person to divert their focus on helping their friend (being a shoulder to talk to) rather than on how bad they were personally feeling.

It worked.

This exercise helped this person gain perspective and shifted their energy and focus.

I find that one of the best ways to feel better whenever I am feeling down is by doing something for someone else. Rather than focusing on how bad I feel (although sometimes are easier than others), I try to shift my focus on others. Who can I reach out to?

You have NO IDEA whose life you may have touched with one simple smile or kind gesture.

Even if your energy is low, try something small like opening a door for someone, saying hello to a stranger as you pass them, giving a compliment. Sometimes, a simple smile can make a world of difference. . .

To someone else . . . and to you!

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