Keep Your Blinders On

Tips for Living Bright 05/16: KEEP YOUR BLINDERS ON!

It’s Monday morning and you may be feeling the effects of a long, tiring weekend.
You may have spent the previous days pumped and motivated, while today, you are pushing yourself to jump back into the week.

With goals, with life, with moving forward, it is important that we KEEP OUR BLINDERS ON!

That means making a concerted effort to ignore thoughts of doubt, fear, negativity, or the temptation to quit and backslide.

In Gone with the Wind, the characters Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara try to drive a horse-drawn carriage through a battle area that is engulfed with flames. The horse becomes frightened and refuses to move forward. In other words, the horse gives in to his FEAR. What does Rhett do? He covers the horse’s face with a blanket so that he cannot see the flames. The flames are still there, but because the horse cannot SEE the flames, he moves forward.


When I am writing or trying to concentrate, I often place both hands on the sides of my face (like an actual blinder) and stare straight ahead. It’s a physical exercise that helps me mentally block out anything in my peripheral vision, outside noises, and zone in. Whenever I feel anxious or panicky, I often do this same thing. It helps!

Feel free to try it–place your hands on the side of your face, take a few deep cleansing breaths, and look straight ahead. It’s normal to feel pangs of doubt or demotivation. What’s important is that we IGNORE them, mentally keep on those blinders, and forge ahead!

Have a great week! You’ve got this!

Pushing Past Fear to Your Goals

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