What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Two steps forward, one step back.  Ugh!

That’s how it often feels with our goals. It is so tempting to quit, lose focus, and put aside what we have been working on.

I.  GET. IT.

But honestly, how would you feel if you quit? Probably worse, right?

What should you do when you get to this point? That point when you are simply not motivated and have convinced yourself that your pursuit is not worth it?

First, REEVALUATE What is standing in your way? What series of baby steps can you do to get you closer? Take it one step at a time.  Write these steps down and see yourself accomplishing each one of those steps.

FORGIVE YOURSELF for feeling this way. It happens. BUT, the true test is moving past that feeling and starting up again, when you JUST NEEDED TO REST A BIT.

See your original VISION. Really see it. Take some quiet time to take it in . . . BREATH IT IN. FEEL it. Everything about it. As if you have ALREADY achieved it. See yourself walking around in this new LIFE. Simple deep breaths and exhales can ground us back and release any inner voices of doubt.

Have a GROWTH MINDSET.  This is the belief that we can improve, get better, learn from our mistakes, and ACHIEVE our goals.  Specifically, it means not letting setbacks stop us.

PUMP YOURSELF UP with positive fuel. Listen to positive podcasts. Get the support from others who have done or are doing it. Here’s a few quotes to get you started:









Are you ready? One, Two, Three. . .


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