Moving Past Procrastination to Action

Procrastination. We’ve all been guilty of it, I am sure, at some point.

It’s something that, if we allow it, can take over and cause barriers to our goals.

It’s a dangerous thing that is often overlooked, not recognized. Or, acknowledged but then ignored.

WHY? Why – if it stands in the way of what we want – do we allow it to take hold?

The answer may vary.

Perhaps, we are unsure how to proceed with what we want.
We do not pursue “our goal” or that thing on our to-do list because we do not know exactly how to do it.
The steps involved may seem overwhelming,
Or, cause anxiety.
Your goal or the action needed makes you uncomfortable.
It’s something you haven’t done before,
Or, it’s something that seems too tedious.

Oh, there are so many reasons . . .

So, you don’t do it.
You put it off.  Push it to the back of your list.
Do other things that seem more satisfying. Maybe even easier.

So, that “thing” sits, festers, waits.

It is NOT going away.

It gets LARGER. It becomes even SCARIER.

More annoying.

So much that you EITHER take it off your list, DE-goal it because it seems just too unattainable . . . or,

YOU DO IT.  By gosh, you force yourself to make a move. Rip the band-aid off, and get messy.

And when you do?  It wasn’t as bad as you had imagined. You ask yourself, “why did I let it go this long?”

You could have done without the unease of having that action/goal/to-do list action STARE YOU DOWN.

So, go ahead, check off the things on your list. What is staring you down?
Rip off that band-aid.
Get in a “Get S— Done” frame of mind.
And check off those boxes on your to-do list, take action, and . . .

feel the weight lift away.

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