About Me

In a Nutshell:

Kristin O'FerrallI am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.

I am a writer of fiction, grants, blogs, and non-fiction.

I am someone who gets inspired by all things creative.

I am a Development Director for a special needs school. The students and staff inspire me daily.

I do not watch a lot of TV, but if I do, I watch any type of BBC mystery series and Outlander.

A Little More Insight:

I do not believe it is a man’s world, but I personally live in a male-dominated one.
I am a wife, mother of two boys, a sister of two brothers, and a sister in-law of my husband’s four brothers.  I am always outnumbered when it comes to deciding on movie choices; I have to watch my reality TV when no one is at home; and if you asked me what to purchase for a young girl, I would have to rely on the advice of my friends with daughters.

Growing up, my brothers told me that I was “too sensitive” and “such a girl.” It took me years to realize that being sensitive and a girl was good.  That is what I hope to convey in my stories: accepting, liking, and believing in oneself.



Great Thoughts:

​When I was eleven or twelve, my mother would commission me for my writing.  She would pay me a dollar for every poem or motivational tidbit that she could use in her sales newsletter.
Armed with my portfolio, I would proudly but nervously present my work, sitting anxiously as my mother perused them.  “I’ll take this one, and, hmmm, this one,” she would say. Adding, “I’m not just going to take anything. It has to be good enough for my newsletter.”

And true to her word, there were times when I walked away empty-handed, only to be encouraged to “Keep at it.”


​This is for anyone looking to write, create, and fulfill their dreams. Keep at It!


Great Thoughts

A woman with great thoughts,
Great thoughts she has indeed,
Who sits and thinks of those thoughts,
But doesn’t pay any heed
Is different from the woman,
Who has great thoughts too,
But gets up and says,
“Now, what is the first thing that I must do?”
– Kristin Eckhardt (age 11)