When the Elf on the Shelf Toilet Papered a House

I was just reminded of an incident that happened a few years back when we were visiting our friends, Huck and Fulie (names have been changed to protect the innocent).  We were hanging out while our kids were upstairs playing UNTIL their daughter came down crying and  SCREAMING out my oldest son’s name. 

Of course I think the worst — “great, what did my son do now?” — until I hear what their daughter is crying about. . . “HE TOUCHED THE ELF!”

Now, our household has never had an Elf on the Shelf — I guess that we’re not cool enough to hang out with. But, I get the magic of the elf.  The elf is a reminder to BEHAVE; he is watching and will report your behavior back to Santa.  For those unfamiliar with Santa’s little helper (AKA Spy), the elf moves around the house, keeping all little boys and girls occupying the house on their toes. 

And there are rules — apparently — what we came to learn that night.  The main rule is to NEVER touch the elf. If you do, they lose their magic and cannot go back to the North Pole. I’ve heard many theories of what happens, but what it meant to our friends’ daughter was that Christmas would be ruined.  The horror! No wonder she was upset.

houseThere are many things you can do to rectify the situation, starting with an apology letter. The elf, however, had his own way of making things right and he was hardcore. . .he toilet papered their house! Leaving a note, warning of the seriousness of my son’s action, he said that all was now forgiven but to learn from that experience.  Hurray! Christmas was saved. All was restored and right in the world again.

Can you believe it? Well, the children did (and that is what mattered).

This story reminded me of the power of belief.  The power of EXPECTATIONS — about what we believe to be true and what OUTCOME we EXPECT to happen.  And . . .

This is what I would call Cliffhanger. Not really, but this will be continued in another posting.

Da da da dum — consider this a cliffhanger.  I have lots to say about EXPECTATIONS, but will wait until my next posting to elaborate. (Feeling a bit under the weather and my brain cells aren’t on full cylinders.)   If you don’t already, please SUBSCRIBE below so that you can get Part 2.  

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