How Bad Do You Want to Achieve Your Goals?

Happy New Year!

It’s 2020—the beginning of a new decade—not just year, but decade. Wow. With this monumental event, it seems as if we all want our goals to be just as BIG. I believe in big goals. I love big goals. I believe that big goals can be achieved. . . . with big COMMITMENT.

If you are looking to accomplish some pretty amazing things, then roll up your sleeves and join me in answering some tough questions.

The first – and most obvious – is WHAT are your goals for this year?

Do you know CLEARLY know what you want? After all, you cannot get what you want if you do not KNOW what you want.  You must be able to SEE the final outcome—it’s this vision that will get your through the rough spots. When doubt comes creeping in, close your eyes and picture yourself completing your goal—hold tight to that image.

You can’t GET what you want if you don’t KNOW what you want.

Question #2:  Do you REALLY believe that you can achieve your goal(s)? I touched on this Monday in Expect to Achieve Your Goals (as part of the 52 Weeks of Healthy Habits for Bright Light Living series).  It is extremely important that we not only KNOW what we want, but also TRULY BELIEVE that we can achieve it—not just HOPE that we can achieve our goals.

Because you know what?  Goals involve work. If you do not really believe your goal is possible than you can easily talk yourself out of continuing your pursuit.

Resolutions — as its name implies — require RESOLVE and commitment. Resolutions are different than wishes (we are not blowing out our birthday cake candles and hoping our dreams come true). WE ARE DOING THE WORK—what is required to achieve our goals.

Which brings me to the toughest question. . .

Question #3: How BAD do you want to achieve your goal(s)?

Do you want it bad enough to do the work?

Do you want it bad enough to make sacrifices?

Do you want it bad enough to say ‘no’ to things when you really want to say ‘yes’.

Do you want it bad enough to get up early?

Do you want it bad enough to go to the gym when you’d rather stay at home?

Do you want it bad enough to give up watching television to spend more time on your goals?

Do you want it bad enough to pick yourself up when it feels as if you failed?

Red-Question-MarkThe truth is we have to really want something to make it happen.

And if you really want it then YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT.

I ended this year having completed a major goal of mine. I finished the first draft of my next book–although there is lots and lots of editing needed. This was a BIG GOAL for me. Getting it published is my next big goal and you know what? I WANT IT BAD ENOUGH!

I am excited about the New Year and I hope you are as well. Join me in rocking it this year!  Do not limit yourself–dream big and make it happen!  I believe that you will.


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