The What, Why, When . . . of Achieving Your Goal

This posting will be simple but effective. I will ask six basic questions that are fundamentally important for achieving goals. My journalism schooling has engrained these questions into my psyche. When approaching any problem, they are the ones that I ask myself.


These six questions will put you on a course for achieving your goal. Take the time to, not only answer these questions, but WRITE DOWN YOUR ANSWERS. . . and then start crushing it!  You are here reading this – I hope – because there is something that you are looking to achieve.

If so, WHAT?  That is my first question.

Question #1: WHAT is it that you would like to achieve?

If you had to pick JUST ONE goal to focus on now, what would it be?

I have created this Goals Assessment Exercise to help you determine what that goal might be.  It takes a snapshot look at all areas of your life to help you narrow down your priority goals.  Click to download the Goals Assessment Exercise form.

Question #2: WHY do you want to achieve it?

What is the motivating force behind your desire? This answer is what you will need to cling on to when the doubt creeps in and perseverance is required. Why is this goal so important?  Write your answer out.

Question #3: HOW will you accomplish this goal?

This is your time to map out your plan. WHAT ARE THE STEPS needed to take make your goal a reality? Break down the steps and turn them into actionable milestones. This is will serve as your roadmap.  Do not forget to SCHEDULE these milestones. . .as indicated in the WHEN.

Please be sure to download the attached .pdf to WRITE OUT the answers to these questions.  Later, I will discuss just why it is so important to write out your goals.  For starters, it WILL give you CLARITY.

Question #4: WHO can help you achieve this goal?

What resources are needed to achieve our goal? Are there experts or even friends and/or associates who can help you? Perhaps groups (through Facebook or LinkedIn) that can be beneficial.  I have found LinkedIn to be a wealth of information and resources. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Write down any resources that you can think of to help implement your goal and then reach out to them. 

Question #5: WHERE will this goal take place?

Visualize the setting. It will help you SEE THE END—the final outcome of where and when you achieve your goal.  Where will you be when you achieve your goal?  I do not mean just literally, but figuratively as well. . .where will you be in your life?  What will achieving your goal do for you?  See this wonderful final result.

Question #6: 
WHEN do you plan to achieve it by?

Give yourself a deadline to avoid putting it off. After you have set this deadline, work backwards and write down the mini-steps needed to get you there.  When will you accomplish those steps? Write those down as well. 

Give it a try!  WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW your #1 Priority Goal.  I would love to hear back from you–share the results of just how you crushed your goal.



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    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. I believe that you will achieve all your goals and aspirations. Stay safe, healthy, and HAPPIness.

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