Track a Healthy Diet

This week’s Healthy Habit will focus on diet. While I will not tell you what you should eat, I will recommend that you make a conscious effort to eat healthy. I admit that I have struggled with this; I start out great—eating well, tracking my calories and intake, and then – boom – I give myself excuses to indulge.

What I realized is that when I start tracking what I eat—calories, fat, and sugar—I am always surprised. The “little things”—that one bowl of ice cream, that one chocolate chip cookie—do add up. Even worse are those subtle culprits, like salad dressing and sour cream. . . and cheese—don’t even get me started on that guilty pleasure. But, there is hope. Think leafy green vegetables. Vegetables are acceptable in just about every diet—Keto, South Beach, Low-Fat, etc.—and barely have any calories. Use vegetables (which are filled with nutrients) to fill up.  Regardless of your diet, track what you eat—at least at the beginning of your healthy-diet quest.  This will keep you accountable and ensure that you are not letting those “small” indulgences sabotage your diet.

[Every Monday, a new ‘habit’ will be posted as part of my Bright Light Living Healthy Habits series. These ‘Healthy Habits’ encompass habits for the mind, body, spirit, and one’s perspective of life—in order to LIVE BRIGHT.  You may wish to implement the habits each week (if so, I encourage you to download the Healthy Habits Assessment form). Or, the week’s habit can simply serve as a journal prompt or something to ponder.  It’s up to you. I do hope you will check in each week.]

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