Be a Goldfish

I am so far from perfect  . . .

And sometimes I slip up and do something

that proves this fact.

Where is that re-wind and re-do button when you need it?

Sadly, there are no mulligans in life.

And when I mess up like this, I am horrible to myself . . .

I dwell on it . . . and on how my actions affected others.

I beat myself up as if this one action defines my whole being.

But, you know what? We are all human.

I am learning to accept this fact.

In our careers, sports, relationships, and day-to-day actions . . .

It is a fact that we will make mistakes.

And when this happens, it is important that we LEARN FROM IT.

That we ask for forgiveness from others and from ourselves!

That we take note and correct course.

And, then. . . as Ted Lasso would say, Be a Goldfish.

As he says, (click to view for context:

Enjoy your week!

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