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Bright Light Living is about igniting the light within all of us—finding our passion, setting goals, taking action, and achieving our dreams. Fear and doubt are inevitable; it’s how we tackle them that matter. The site provides resources, inspiration, and encouragement to help us persevere and ignite the light within us!

Welcome! I am Kristin O’Ferrall–a creative at heart. I am passionate about the creative process and love seeing visions turned into reality–not just my visions, but others’ as well. As a wife and mother of two boys, I want to set an example of being creative and then following through on those creative pursuits. That is what I want for you as well!

Trust your crazy ideas and forge ahead.
Do you have ideas, dreams, or goals that are gnawing at you—beckoning for you to pursue them? Perhaps, you start these goals, but never stick to them. Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to pursue them, but too many things are getting in the way.
Like EXCUSES—they are really good at getting in the way.

Excuses come in all sorts of shapes and forms.

They can be disguised as logic: “It is just not practical for me to pursue that idea.”

Excuses can take the form of fear: “I don’t think I can do it. Who am I kidding?”

And often they are found in the feeling of being overwhelmed—not knowing where or how to start.

If you have experienced any of the above, then this site is for you!

Perhaps, you are still searching for YOUR creative idea. You are trying to figure out what you are passionate about–what direction you need to follow in life.

If this sounds like you, then this site is for you as well.

Bright Light Living helps you tap into your creativity, tune into your instincts, and explore the possibilities. And once you have determined your path, you can use the resources within this site to make your dreams come true.

Ignite the light within you. Live BRIGHT.Landing Pg_ The YES Challenge (1)

Be CreativeBe Positive
Be Productive





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