Our comprehensive writing services include the creation of  website content, blogs, ad copy, appeal and sales letters, newsletter articles, marketing materials, press releases, resumes, and more.  Visit for further details.


Grant writing services include researching potential funders; writing letters of inquiries, grants, case statements, organization narratives; and managing post-awarded grant requirements. Visit for further details.


Website services include the design and set up of blog or business websites. We work with clients to achieve their desired look and feel to effectively brand the site.

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When I was eleven or twelve, my mother would commission me for my writing. She would pay me a dollar for every poem or motivational tidbit that she could use in her sales newsletter.

Armed with my portfolio, I would proudly but nervously present my work, sitting anxiously as my mother perused them. “I’ll take this one, and, hmmm, this one,” she would say. Adding, “I’m not just going to take anything. It has to be good enough for my newsletter.”

And true to her word, there were times when I walked away empty-handed, only to be encouraged to “Keep at it.”

And so I did.