Marianna Mestre: Nothing’s As It Seems (Volume 1)


This middle-grade, young adult novel is narrated by Marianna, a precocious and inquisitive 12-year-old, whose love for solving mysteries is challenged by the distraction of middle-school drama. Raised by a single attorney father since she was six, Marianna prides herself on being a loner, relying only on the characters of books for friendships. That is until she meets Colin and Michael, two brothers who join Marianna on her detective escapades. Marianna also befriends Mrs. Henderson, a client of her father’s, who is suspected of murder and plagued with Alzheimer’€s. This unexpected and unconventional friendship with Mrs. Henderson opens Marianna’€s eyes to the realization that things are not always as they seem: Perceptions are subjective. Stereotypes can be misleading. And the ones who are hardest to love are often the ones who need love the most.

To order, click: Marianna Mestre: Nothing’s As It Seems (Volume 1)

52 Healthy Habits Assessment Chart52 Healthy Habits Assessment Chart

Click here to receive this free Healthy Habits Assessment Chart, which lists out 52 healthy habits for your mind, body, and spirit. The chart has corresponding assessment boxes–you click off one of the following for each habit: (1) Mastered It, (2) Work in Progress, (3) Off the Wagon, or (4) Not Yet Attempted.

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The Ultimate Home Improvement Master List

Phappytoffeeblogerform a Walk-Through of your home using this comprehensive Home Improvement Master List.

This will help you:

  • Determine all your organization and remodeling projects
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Seven Dinners
One Hour = Seven Dinners

Get this printable dinner guide, which outlines a week’s worth of dinner recipes, a complete shopping list divided by grocery store departments, a step-by-step guide to preparing the meals in the most time-saving way possible, and a set of labels with cooking instructions that can be affixed to the meals.

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Secret Agent Mission POSSIBLE00001 copy

Download a FREE Secret Mission with clues, detailed scavenger instructions, and clever games to bring out the sleuth in all the kids. Just print it out and let your kids have an afternoon of fun!
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Food and Exercise Trackerfood-and-exercise-tracker-page-001

Yes, please send me a .pdf version of this tracker to use for my weekly calculations of food, exercise, and water intake.  Please request by submitting email in form below:

Weekly Dinner Menu Printables

Microsoft Word - Weekly DinnersPlan your dinner menu and list evening activities in advance to help you effectively plan for your week. Please request by submitting email in form below:

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