The Diary of a Writer

Diary of a Writer (6)

The Diary of a Writer is my day to day musings as I work on my creative goals. Unlike my blog postings that have been carefully crafted, this diary will chronicle whatever the heck is on my mind.


July 1, 2018
Today is July 1, which just goes to show how quickly time can fly by. I haven’t updated my blog in months, not even this Diary.  I have, however, been working on my book.  I so want to finish it.  I only wish that I had more time to do so. It is a daily fight to push myself–after working a full day, driving home in traffic, all I want to do is turn my brain OFF.  Writing is about turning it ON.

This weekend was unprecedented. We had NOTHING to do…nothing that we didn’t want to do. There were no lacrosse tournaments, which absolutely consume your entire weekend, and there were no social plans. I woke up today (Sunday) and thought I was on vacation. I couldn’t believe that I had the whole day to write, read, and do nothing strenuous. And I allowed myself the chance to do all these things WITHOUT GUILT. This is what a body needs to re-charge.

I remember back to my single days. When the weekends rolled around, I sometimes dreaded them because I would be bored. Bored. That is a luxury that I don’t get often. Those days were filled with creative pursuits, however. The down time allows you to think, relax, and listen to where your heart is leading you.

The blog is a dream that I have not forgotten. It will have to be temporarily shelved while I concentrate on finishing my book. There is only so much time in a day.  The blog will pick up later, and will be filled with insights I have learned about my creative journey. I have interviews tentatively planned with people that are actively and successfully fulfilling their own creative destinations. (These are people making a full-time living being creative.) I will learn from their successes and experiences. Right now, I must concentrate on my book, forging ahead, so that one day, I can make a full-time living writing and being creative. (And for the naysayers who think my goal is too unrealistic, I say–let me prove you wrong.)


May 8, 2018
This weekend I decided to get more serious about finishing my sequel and, in doing so, I had to remove myself from social activities and ignore the distractions.  I took time to breath, which I felt like I wasn’t doing much of.  And by “breath”, I mean RELAX.  With my kids’ sports and our work schedule, my husband and I are always on the go. This constant juggling is the enemy of my writing.  It mentally drains me. But not last weekend. I carved out time to write and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the words appeared. I wrote 1,200 words in no time flat. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but the quantity of my writing comes much harder in fiction writing than it does in nonfiction.

This weekend came with two realizations–(1) how CLOSE I was to actually finishing my sequel. I realized that, if I devoted time every day and/or weekend like I had last weekend, I could finish the first draft within the next two months, if not less.

(2) I realized that I was going through the motions of writing without really believing that I could finish my second book. I am not sure why — I wrote one book, why didn’t I think I could write another?  But now, I believe and every day, I will write!!

May 1, 2018
I had a dream several months ago that I quit my job on May 19, 2019 (which — I looked — happens to be a Sunday).  The date was so real.  I love my job and I am sincerely blessed with the people I work with and the work I get to do, but I admit, the dream was hard to wake up from.  My dream consisted of me being successful in my creative pursuits–my book was finished and picked up by a publishing house; my blog was blowing up.  I basically got to a position where I could follow (to sound cheesy) my creative bliss.

I am an avid dreamer who often likes to take time in the morning before popping out of bed to replay my dreams.  Many ideas have come from my ideas, so I do not take these dreams for granted.

Today is May 1 — a little more than one year from that dreamed-deadline. Let’s see what happens. This is also the year I turn 50, which has really focused me on what I want (and expect to) achieve.  Stay tuned. . .