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Trust Your Crazy Ideas

Trust Your Crazy IdeasI had to drive my son to school yesterday–in my pajamas, without a driver’s license or even a bra to my name. We tried catching the bus at other stops, but we missed the bus all together. I ended up having to drive him all the way to school. The reason? He was reading my book and supposedly lost track of time. I tried showing my anger — “Ugg, really?” — but I must admit, I was flattered that he finally started reading it on his own.

To flatter me even more, my son came running down the stairs last night to tell me how far he was in the book. “Seriously, I love it. It is soooooo good,” he says.  I am a sucker (please, no comments on my naivety). Do you know how long I have asked him to read my book?  He has never been a big reader, unlike his younger brother who reads every day.

“When are you going to finish the second book?” I have heard that question before — I’ve always convinced myself that it is just polite conversation — but the question is never so convincing as it is when it comes from one of your own sons.  These are the words that I needed for inspiration to move forward on the book’s sequel. And these words had to come from my own son.

The reason for my own hesitation? I will try to explain starting with a simple quote: “Trust your crazy ideas.”  I discovered this quote about eighteen years ago. When I first read it, it struck a cord: If I had an idea—I mean ME, not any one else—can it really be any good? Credible even? If it is my idea, not an expert’s or even a successful entrepreneur’s, does it hold any merit? What successful probability does it really have?

That is the thing as a writer. Yes, YOU — I am talking to you. You are a writer and you NEED to trust your crazy ideas. It is these so called crazy ideas that birth creativity, imagination, and stories that need to be told.

Trust it–the story that you have inside of you? Let it lead you. Develop it. Trust it. See where it takes you.

I have heard a rumor—my own naivety has decided to believe it—and that is that all authors supposedly feel a sense of fear when “putting their work out there”. They all had a story inside them that they finally were brave enough to let out.  They risked ridicule, judgement, and rejection. They listened to the story and let it breath life.

If you have a story inside of you that is beckoning or knocking, LET IT OUT. Give it life. Trust your crazy ideas and see where they take you. 

As for me, I am giving myself permission to be just as fearless. I did have my A-ha moment (Bright Light Living Was My A-ha Moment) that has motivated me to be more forth-right in my goals and actions. Finishing book two is one of these goals. So, if you are a writer, let me hear from you! Seriously, I dare you to write and — please — dare me to do the same.

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