How Creativity Can Lift Spirits in Trying Times

If there is one thing good that has come out of the coronavirus and the need to social isolate is all the examples of how the community has come together in creative ways to promote good, lift spirits, and help those in need.  This post is a collection of SOME GOOD NEWS starting with a new “channel” from one of my favorites John Krasinski (who was inspired to do the same). . .the others are stories from friends of mine who are helping to make a positive difference.  


The young leading the charge to inspire unity. 
This is my neighbor’s house. Their young daughter (6th grader) took it upon herself to decorate their window last week.

This is the same young lady who once dropped off (with our other young neighbor) random cards (signed by anonymous) with motivational quotes.

Dancing for Chicken

Last Saturday night, we joined DJ Kopec for his virtual House Dance Party. Challenged by our friend Zach Fine, CEO of Holly Poultry, a pound of chicken was donated for every person who visited the online party (made available through Facebook). As a result Holly Poultry donated 60,000 pounds of chicken (via United Way) to people around Baltimore.

What a fun night! We (okay, just me) danced while watching from our TV screen. Names of our friends (many, many friends) were posted in the comments while the tally board of participants climbed. It was exciting to see so many people watching and participating, near and far. It was such a wonderful bundle of inspiration, exercise, fun, and community.  I know I needed a night like that!

Just Dance and Have Fun
Speaking of dancing, our friends the Wiggins (the entire family) have dancing in their genes. They know how to rock it and bring joy doing it. I have thoroughly enjoyed their collection of TikTok videos, including their YouTube tutorial for those who want to join in the fun.  A family that dances together stays together.

Helping Others Help Others
I am more than impressed with what Michelle Suazo has done with UEMPOWER of Maryland and her founding of “The Food Project” which brings culinary skills, job opportunities, sustainable food sources, mentorship & hope to the youth of South West Baltimore. Her big heart and make-things-happen determination is now feeding those in need during this time of social distancing.

foodproject2the food project

St. Elizabeth School: Helping Students Go the Distance

St. Elizabeth School Spirit Week

And last, but certainly not least, I would be remiss if I didn’t share about the ingenuity of the staff at
St. Elizabeth School (my work place).  We are a special needs school for students ages 6 – 21 years from all of Central Maryland (we serve nine Maryland jurisdictions). Any change of schedule is not something our students — many of whom are on the autism spectrum — adapt to easily. Thanks to the creative direction of our principal Erin Upton, we have been readily posting resources, instructional videos of staff members, and fun ideas to keep our students engaged before distance learning begins.





Just like John Krasinski, I thought some positive stories are needed. I also realized how amazing my network of friends are . . . they definitely inspire me! 

If you have other positive stories of how creativity is helping others — even in small ways — please email me at



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