WHAT IF You Did It Anyway?

WHAT IF . . .

What if you knew with absolute certainty . . .

that everything is going to be okay;

that you and your family will be safe;

that you will survive financially, emotionally, physically the ramifications of the coronavirus?

Would you then go about your day differently?

This virus has slowed things down in ways the WORLD (not just the United States) has never seen before. And it is scary!

The unknown is scary. Worrying about your finances is scary. Stressing about the health of your older parents and family is scary.  These are very real fears.

BUT, this FEAR and WORRY is just as destructive as the virus.

And while I am not, in any way, meaning to undermine the seriousness of the virus and all of the above worrisome issues.

I AM saying to change your FOCUS.

Because this FEAR will paralyze us into INACTION. It can spiral us into depression and prevent us from TAKING ACTION and SURVIVING.

INSTEAD, What IF you looked at this virus as an opportunity?

What if you spent this time . . .

Focusing on quality family time.

Our schedules were hectic in Pre-COVID-19; we were juggling sports, work, classes, social activities, and more. Quality family time was limited.

Now, there is time for walks with your spouse that allow you to stay fit and talk. Now, there is time for family game nights and actual dinners where you can sit down as a family to eat.

Focusing on taking new risks.

Now, there is time to focus on those CRAZY IDEAS that have been nagging at you to try. Perhaps, it is a writing project, entrepreneurial idea, or other business venture.

This virus has changed the way that we go about working, educating our children, and interacting with our friends.  Not ideal, I know, BUT, it has taught us that we can be inventive, innovative, and resourceful.

“This is an opportunity!
We all are seeing things differently and that translates into the execution of life.”
– Drew Barrymore

What we need to do now – all of us – is to reinvent our lives around the situation. What are things that can keep you motivated, bring in revenue, and support you mentally, physically, and economically?

We must hand over our worry to GOD and in the FAITH that we will survive this, so that we can THEN concentrate on making this time AN OPPORTUNITY.

WHAT IF . . . you were afraid to try something new, BUT did it anyway?

I CHALLENGE you to TRY things you’ve always wanted to do.  Get up and take action. Make a fool of yourself doing it.

DARE yourself to do those things that you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to try.

WHAT IF . . . _____________________ (Fill in the blank).  

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