Baking Up Sweet Creativity

I had initially planned to post this (with the podcast) in March, but then the quarantine hit and it seemed, at first, not good timing. But even though the Living Bright podcast is in limbo, Abby’s wonderful creations are too good not to share. Enjoy!!


I spent an afternoon in February with 17-year-old Abby who, for the past few years, has been baking and decorating beautiful cookies that are almost (ALMOST) too amazing to eat.  She allowed me to watch her create while I asked her questions about her process for whipping up her cookies, how she got started, and what advice she would give others looking to turn their creative passions into a career.

To listen to the interview, visit the brand-new Living Bright podcast by clicking here.


The biggest take aways from the interview:

(1) While some of Abby’s edible art is very specific, many times Abby just “wings it.”  It is this experimentation that has allowed Abby to learn and get better at her craft.

(2) Abby’s advice for those working to pursue their craft:  Look at others in your industry, gather ideas, and always be learning.129_2606

(3) Abby is often critical of her work and constantly feels that she can be better.

(4) Abby’s advice for those unsure if they should pursue their creative inspirations: Just GO FOR IT.  You will never know if you can do it if you do not try.

(5) From a young age, she enjoyed baking, “playing restaurant,” and other forms of creativity. 

(6) Abby believes that anyone turning a hobby into a business — despite the stress — will still receive joy from doing what they LOVE.


If you are interested in Abby’s cookies, you can contact me at

PHOTOS by: Tessa Sollway Photography


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