Celebrate Your Small Victories

Celebrate your small victories.  This week’s Bright Light Healthy Habit sounds so simple – so obvious. But for me, it’s not. Not always. Not when there is more to be accomplished. If you are competitive like me (competitive with yourself, that is), you may find yourself impatient with the time and steps involved in completing your goal. You may be so focused on the finish line that you’ve not noticed or given credence to the small victories you’ve achieved along the way.

Those victories need and should be celebrated. It is in this celebration that we gather the strength and fortitude to move ahead. Otherwise, we are more likely to burn out or become discouraged. Just yesterday, I was able to change and re-write two chapters of my book that just didn’t seem right before. It was a breakthrough in my writing—one in which I took a moment to appreciate. This is not always the case with me. My natural inclination is to focus instead on everything else left to do, which only leaves me feeling frustrated with the finish line being so far away.

But, by celebrating this little victory, I felt motivated and encouraged. The final goal, rather than seeming so far away, felt closer and obtainable. It made me excited.

So this week, look at your big-picture goals and relish the process. Pat yourself on the back for all your little victories you’ve accomplished so far – and will continue to accomplish. Trust that there is a bonanza of a victory (the finish line) right around the corner.

[Every Monday, a new ‘habit’ will be posted as part of my Bright Light Living Healthy Habits series. These ‘Healthy Habits’ encompass habits for the mind, body, spirit, and one’s perspective of life—in order to LIVE BRIGHT.  You may wish to implement the habits each week (if so, I encourage you to download the Healthy Habits Assessment form). Or, the week’s habit can simply serve as a journal prompt or something to ponder.  It’s up to you. I do hope you will check in each week.]

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