Say Only Kind Words . . .to YOURSELF!

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. I remember seeing that phrase on a school bulletin board back in elementary school, and since then I’ve tried to abide by those words.  I made it a point (I’ve not always done this, but I try) to not bad-mouth people, to give people the benefit of the doubt, and to say only positive things about people. . .EXCEPT about one particular person. . . ME!

My husband pointed this out and my kids have vouched for it as well: “Yeah, mom, you are always putting yourself down.”  Yikes! That was a wake up call.  It was not an example that I wanted to set for my children. 

But it was true, “I look awful,” “I hate what I look like in photos,” I’m so fat,” “I hate my teeth.”  These are just some of the things I say on a regularly basis. 

If I had said anything like this to one of my friends, they probably wouldn’t be my friends anymore. So, why do I think it’s okay to say this about myself?!?!

A little humor to convey my point.

This week’s Healthy Habit is for me as much as it is for anyone else.  I will make a concerted effort NOT to say anything negative, even it’s as simple as “I feel like crap” because by saying these words, I am only reinforcing the negative.  I will be kind to myself.  I am all about positive reinforcement, so this week, DOGGONE IT, I will be nice to me. After all, what you think about (AND SAY), you bring about.

[Every Monday, a new ‘habit’ will be posted as part of my Bright Light Living Healthy Habits series. These ‘Healthy Habits’ encompass habits for the mind, body, spirit, and one’s perspective of life—in order to LIVE BRIGHT.  You may wish to implement the habits each week (if so, I encourage you to download the Healthy Habits Assessment form). Or, the week’s habit can simply serve as a journal prompt or something to ponder.  It’s up to you. I do hope you will check in each week.]

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